Our clients wanted to completely change the look of their gym shower room and steam room as they were not happy with the original rooms that were supplied with the house when it was built.  The rooms were very dark and dreary as they were covered in an uneven black mosaic which closed the room down.  They wanted us to redesign the whole look of the room, making it feel bigger by using lighter materials, textures and lighting, and also requiring it to be very minimal but have a lot of attention to detail at the same time. They wanted to have a large shower fitted, replacing their existing small enclosure, and they also wanted us to block up an external door into the room as it was not required.


CorianThe rooms are on the ground floor meaning that sections of the concrete had to be removed to allow for a flat-to-the-floor shower tray and the re-positioning of the basin waste.  We had to work around the existing underfloor hot pipe heating system in order to do this.  We cut back one wall to a concrete support pillar and built out studwork to accommodate a more sizeable shower.  We dropped the ceiling height over the shower from 3 metres to 2.4 metres which allowed us to build a storage compartment with flush fitting composite resin doors.  This compartment was lined internally with removable wood panels which allowed access to the steam generator, hidden parts of the large overhead shower and access to LED lighting and a vent fan.  A large access door over the steam shower room was removed and replaced with an ‘invisible’ door. 

We built box work to conceal the wall mounting frame for the toilet.  We created a niche above with floating shelves for extra storage.  The shelves were routed at the back to recess LED strip lights into them.  Then they were routed either side so they could be slotted onto pins to give the feeling that they are floating away from the walls.  We blocked up the external door and built in a stunning radiator which is made up from separately installed towel bars with all joining pipework concealed in the wall.



The steam room required the most attention to detail as there were lots of ideas we wanted to incorporate.  We covered this room with Glacier White Corian cladding on all the walls and we also created Corian clad benches which were slightly angled so that the water runs away sufficiently from them, preventing pooling.  A 20mm radius edge was used on the bench fronts (top and bottom) for both comfort and aesthetics   We routed a full length channel to incorporate a flush fitting LED strip under the benches to give a wash of light.  Four LED spotlights were recessed and flush fitted into the walls.  We installed a large domed ceiling which had been thermo-formed from two separate pieces of Corian then seamlessly joined together.


Our client was delighted with the end result as highlighted by this testimonial from them:

‘Thanks for all your help through this project, it’s been a real pleasure, I’ve been so impressed with the wonderful service you offer at ‘Fabulous’ and everyone I’ve come in contact with has been extremely professional and accommodating…we’re delighted with the stunning results and we wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend you!’ Mrs McNeill